an informational and enlightening project about identity, sex roles and sexuality

TRAX is an info show about sexuality, emotions, gender and identity - presented as a story with a soundtrack. The main character of the story is Juno, whom we follow from the age of 15 - when he realizes that he's also attracted to boys - and into his adulthood. The story is also a journey in the history of sexuality, all the way up to the present research and knowledge.

Everyone can relate to the story, because the story is founded on identity, accepting oneself and respect for "the colours of love". Nature is far more diverse than many people are ready to accept, and Juno represents a considerable part of this diversity. TRAX, to a certain degree, consists of modules, and thus can accommodate several timeframes. The audience is also pulled into the show in the last component of the show.

The originators and artists behind the show TRAX, Richard Bruvoll jr. and Anders Ringkvist, has toured Norway with the show. Parallel, they're preparing a CD-production of the soundtrack for TRAX.

TRAX has been reviewed by both VG and NRK - in NRK as a feature in a program that portrayed Richard Bruvoll jr

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